Αrtfestival maintains connections between the psychology and art between the various specialists interested in the relatioships
between expression , creation , art and international research in the field if psychiatry , art therapy ,psychoanalysis ,psychology and sosiology.
Promotes cooperation between artists , psychiatres, art therapists , psychotherapists, persons involved in therapeutic professions connected with rehabilitation preventive medicine , health education
musicoherapists etc.
Supports physically and mentally disable artists on an equally succesful representation with well being artists .
We provide a gloval forum for dialogue on expressive arts as a useful tool for psychological ,physical ,spiritual wellness,

A non profit corporation dedicating to advancing arts as integral to mental health by demonstrating the valuable role that arts can play in enchancing the healing progress, advocating for the integration of the arts into the environment and delivery of care
and encouraging supporting reseasrch & investigation on the beneficial effects of the arts in health care
DEKK brings together Sciences of Mental healrh , art therepists ,related professionals involved in the fields of art therapy , therapeutic art making for health and social transformation.
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To built bridges and strengthen our collaborative efforts and culture  abilities .
Evolution  and revolution of expressive arts
Supports the work of diverse practitioners whether they are art therapists  psychotherapists , consultants , music , dance teachers.
Workshops that focus on  creative arts applications,
Collaborative panels
Outstanding  initiatives
Innovative programming
Interest to therapists , artists , social workers and anyone interested in creating a more social  conscious  community.
Dekk is a non profit org dedicated to bringing the arts into the world for growth  healing , communication and collaborative knowledge on an equal basis for disable and well being artists and scientists .
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Dekk seeks to increase recognition of art as powerful tool for psycho-social,physical & spiritual wellness.

Our institution’s activities are provided by perpetual Licence from 2014 , issued legally by the Greek laws , in accordance with the Federal laws ……. for non profit organizations.

Our aim is a mixture of  psychological and cultural  approach  to achieve positive changes in emotional , intellectual and personal developement of an indivitual .

At the present time our therapeutic activities  are carried out as a pionneer  program to arrange  for an accesible  cultural environnment as well for disabled people , not only visiting our festivals but taking  an equal part in it …

Until now , lots of disable artists have honoured us with their amazing  representations of dancing , theatrical, musical, singing , paintings.

Our purpose is to develop and then implement  social informative projects and programs intended for the disabled people and minorities of different age , culture,  race ,children ,teenagers , young adults  finding them in difficult strairs and at risk.

Dekk is the pionneer where professional psychogists and artists  conduct  work  aimed at the  developement of socially  adaptive  personal  functions of  disability and minoriry

Objectives  and purpose of activities 
To study & develop art therapeuric  techniques
To develop and impliment various sociocultural , art related therapeutic , artistic programs and projects for children & adults  with various  physical & mental health capacities … and slso intented to reach their creative development objectives

To arrange for and to hold  conferences , workshops roundtable discussions related to all above .
To create and to constantly renew ,share  and exchange our own points of view and experiences , with other similar organizations, divisions ,specialists through  close cooperation
collection , analysis  , publishing in mass media, to render consulting assistance and providing  to people  rehabilitation with  physical and mental capacities by implementing